March 1, 2011

Mardi Gras in Galveston

Hubs and I have been once to Mardi Gras with friends before but we didn't leave til after 5pm and parking was awful and it was the year after Hurricane Ike hit the island. Last year we were honeymooning at this time and I was just over 6 months preggo so Mardi Gras wasn't really in my thoughts. This year was a whole new time. Grandma wanted to some one on one time with Baby J and gave us a great chance to get away. Luckily for us it's only about a 35 minute drive with no traffic. We made it to the seawall just after noon.

We missed the first parade which was fine by us. Then we parked on the seawall and walked on the beach for a little ways. We looked for some shells then we inside a beach tourist shop. After we spent some time just wandering the beach front we drove to the strand, also known as the Historic District, this is where the main festival was happening. It was a little costly at $15 a ticket but we had a great time. Right after we walked in we experienced a mini parade. Then we saw this guy.

We got some beads tossed our way then we had a beer and some jello shots. We walked around smelling all the great foods and just experiencing all that was being offered. We enjoyed the concert stage where the Honey Brown Band was playing. They did some good covers and for it being still early in the day people were really having a great time. Another mini parade came through and we got more beads, the mayor was driving the police car at the front this parade.

We had a really great time dancing and drinking, we can not wait to go back!

Hopefully next weekend! Have a good day!


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