March 10, 2011

Centerpiece Inspiration

Our walls are pretty bland and we don't have much on them but we are slowly but surely changing that. Remember that green star, well here it is in finished form. It's great but the table still needed something more.

I saw this inspiration on One Pretty Thing and new it would be perfect. So thank you aura joon for these beautiful bottles. You can change the flowers out with any color you could possibly want. I have been saving wine bottles for a few months and Mr. J was starting to get agitated with my so called craft hoarding so i knew this project would be perfect.

I peeled on the labels off the bottles and the let them soak in hot water for about 10 minutes. Then I scrubbed the bottles with a wool sponge to remove all the sticky stuff and any left over paper. It came off very easy. I let the bottle dry overnight. The next morning before work I spray painted them all Almond, the leftover from the star project. When I got home from work I sprayed them all again for a good second coat. I let them dry about 3 more hours then brought the bottles in the house. I had some single stems laying around and just popped em in, I think it came out simply wonderful!

Sorry for the dates on the pictures. I keep thinking I turn it off and it's too late for me to retake the picture. Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by :)

Mrs. J


  1. OMG I want some stars like that for my living gonna look for some and come by one weekend:) we'll have a craft day!!! Love you!!

  2. Look at Ross and Marshalls in the clearnace section and garage sales. Love you too!