February 25, 2011

Take a Breath!

Have you ever had days when you think all I want to do is sit and stare; to just take in all the beauties of the world. I miss the days before smart phones. I can not stand to be walking in a public place and have to change my path because the person in front is not paying attention to anything in front of them but walking with their head down staring at their phones. It seems everything has/is changing constantly. Both my parents worked for the Houston Chronicle and I grew up thinking I would always get into it as well, but times are a changin' and the paper is pretty non-existent these days. It's so sad that kids don't do real research anymore, just simply google and that's all that is needed. Well if you are one of "those" people why don't you turn your phone off for the rest of the day and really enjoy all the beauties of this earth, go outside and just take in the freshness. Take more advantage of nature! We are going to the park today to ride the train and play on the playground. Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. J

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