March 11, 2011

One Word. Ribs.

We both love ribs. I am just now enjoying them again because during pregnancy they were the one thing I turned my nose up at. Over the years I have been part of many cook-offs, more than I can even remember to be honest. I have seen many different teams compete and many "secret" recipes. After watching everyone I have come up with my own. I have debated several times to even share this recipe with you because it's the one of the only recipes that I can say is truly mine. I like sweet ribs with the sauce they are cooked in if done in the oven; but if you do them on the pit make sure you rap the ribs tight with foil paper to save all the juices. I firmly believe that if you must add BBQ sauce to BBQ it's not that good. The meat should sell it self.

Mrs. Jackson's Ribs
1 slab ribs.
1 2 liter Coke
Morton Season All seasoned salt - the amount will depend on the size of your ribs.

1. Marinate the ribs overnight in the coke, approximately halfway through flip the meat. (I usually start put them in the coke about 10p.m. then when I wake up at 8a.m. I flip them and start cooking around 4pm.) 

2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place the ribs on a sheet pan, cover the pan with foil first to avoid the mess. At this point I let the ribs just sit for a few moments and come to rib temperature. Save about 4 tablespoons of the coke, toss the rest.

3.Loosely cover the ribs on both sides with Season All. Make sure to not add too much or it will be very salty you just want to add some flavor. Then in the oven for 45 minutes flip then another 45 minutes.

Check the temperature to make sure they are 165 degrees.

4.At this point I drop the oven to about 330 degrees and pull the ribs out and cover one side in honey. The same way you put the season salt on. You want to zig-zag it across one side of the meat back in the oven for 15 minutes, after that pull them out, flip the rips and add honey to other side and cook for 15 minutes.

5.Pull out of the oven and let set for at least 10 minutes.

Cutting ribs is kind of tricky, you want the most meat on your rib you can get. Just slice them as close to the bone as you can get.  Give 'em a try, they are so simple. Simple makes it so great!! After all, it's the simple things :)

Mrs. J

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