February 25, 2011

Take a Breath!

Have you ever had days when you think all I want to do is sit and stare; to just take in all the beauties of the world. I miss the days before smart phones. I can not stand to be walking in a public place and have to change my path because the person in front is not paying attention to anything in front of them but walking with their head down staring at their phones. It seems everything has/is changing constantly. Both my parents worked for the Houston Chronicle and I grew up thinking I would always get into it as well, but times are a changin' and the paper is pretty non-existent these days. It's so sad that kids don't do real research anymore, just simply google and that's all that is needed. Well if you are one of "those" people why don't you turn your phone off for the rest of the day and really enjoy all the beauties of this earth, go outside and just take in the freshness. Take more advantage of nature! We are going to the park today to ride the train and play on the playground. Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. J

February 24, 2011


So is this a door into another world or just against the fence in my backyard. The latter is more true of course! This gorgeous door was laying across the street in the garbage pile. I promptly ran over there and grabbed it. This has been my secret project! When I first saw it I wanted to make a coffee table from it. As time passed and it sat in my small cramped kitchen in the winter, I had no idea when I would get to begin this project. Well as time passed Kojo Designs designed a message center and I am totally stealing her idea! Look how fabulous hers is. By the way she is also where I got the idea for the table from!

As you can tell Baby J just needed to help his mother with this project. I love this boy so much!

Faux Red Lobster Biscuits - These were phenomenal. They tasted just like the real thing! My husband was very surprised by how close they really were.

 Baby J had a play date with his second girlfriend :) Just kidding I hope he never dates lol. I fear the day it tells me he has a crush. Did I mention he is just 9 months in this picture? Ugh too big too fast!!

OMG Brie and Bacon wrapped with puff pastry. I made this for our anniversary dinner. I didn't think Hubby would be into it but he actually enjoyed it. I can not wait to make this again, it was heavenly to say the least. Recipe can be found here.

I will admit I have a food network addiction. I don't actually watch it all day everyday but I probably could with a few exceptions of some chefs. I am not however a fan of most challenge shows because it is annoying to watch all the build up of what will happen next. For some reason though I started watching The Worst Cooks in America and now I 'm hooked!! Anne Burrell, whom I'm not much of a fan of, is one team captain, The Red Team and Chef Robert Irvine is the Blue Team captain. Chef Anne had her contestants make the above side dish and I just had to have it. It was delish! This was also part of our anniversary dinner.

We live in Houston, TX and we do not have 4 seasons a year. I know you may read that baffled but it's true. We simply don't. On Feb. 10, 2011 they SHUT DOWN Houston. Completely shut it down because they feared snow was coming. You would think people who can be without electricity for more than two weeks due to a devastating hurricane could handle snow. Ha, think again! It ended up not snowing but the city was iced over. They shut down all major highways, no one was supposed to go to work unless it was necessary. I woke up the morning of all this craziness to find no snow, but only ice. This is our dog bowl for water it is completely frozen solid. The folks up north must be laughing at us. I know I am.

As you can see it's been going great! I am about to start a sewing project.. An Apron. How hard can that be? Well we'll see!
Have a great and happy weekend! Most of all be safe :)

Mrs. J

February 15, 2011

Time doesn't stop for anyone or anything..

Sorry I have not updated, I have just have been having some awful luck this past few weeks, from my glasses being broke by my loving Baby J, my car was down for almost 2 weeks, and my laptop crashed! It's ok not though everything has been fixed and now I can share the past few weeks with you. Even with all the bad I still made the most of it by making some really yummy food, had a few great dates, celebrated our first anniversary and shared another Valentines Day. I know time stops for no one but I just wish it would slow down!

Growing up everyone tells you to enjoy your time as a child and of course as a child you think all adults are dumb, boy the things I know now. My son will be 10 months old next week and I just can not get over it. He has taken first steps, he crawls on everything and over anything, his first little tooth is all the way in, he sleeps through the night, he says no, dada, mama(only when crying, shocking huh lol), bye-bye, he self feeds and is almost completly off the bottle. Ten months ago he hadn't even had his first breath and yet he has already accomplished so much. I like to think that I had a large part of contribution to this and really had no idea what I was capable of. I always knew I would been a great mother because I had a great mother! She went above and beyond to do for me! Now I see this things you do for your children that you could never imagine doing. So thanks mom, thanks for everything, thank you for changing your life for me and teaching me to do the same for my son. I am so thankful for everything life has presented me with.

I will get pictures uploaded as soon as my laptop is in full recovery and update all my new recipes that I have made in the last two few weeks!

Mrs. J