March 4, 2011

Worth the Dig

Remember that snow day we had a few weeks back, well that morning I went to Ross to look around for a few things I had been searching for. I used to never go in there because I hated the digging but then I learned the digging was the best part and the deals you find when digging can be fantastic. For instance I got this fabulous key coat hanger for $3.99!  
That's right nothing is even wrong with it!

Also I found this green metal star with some fall decor attached to the front for $0.49!! I knew I would hang the key right away and I did but I wasn't really in love with the green star. So we went to Home Depot over the weekend and I picked up some spray paint. First I did a coat of Krylon Fusion - Espresso then a coat of RustOleum Ultra Cover - Almond. I sanded some of the edges to give that worn look a little. When I went to hang it up I didn't like it. The was the same color as the walls! So I sprayed it again with the espresso and roughed up the edges again. I hung the star over our dinner table and it was gorgeous! I am so in love with it. I can wait to finish the centerpieces for the remainder of that project. More pics coming soon!

PS. The "secret project" is a big p.i.t.a! To remove the paint is actually much more difficult that I thought it would be. I have been sanding paint for weeks now. Any ideas how to make that stuff come off easier?? Let me know in a comment!

PSS. I never started my apron, oh well it's still on my to-do list with about a million other things.

Mrs. J

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  1. I love you best friend and please come decorate my house because we all know that I am soo not the creative kind of person!! I miss y'all tell Lil man and the hubby I said hello!!