March 3, 2011

Wreath for Anywhere

I was so inspired by a first birthday invite that I wanted to make something so I could show everyone how cute this little boy is, we'll call him Baby P. Kojo Designs again inspired this project. I recycled the clothespins from my Dr. Seuss baby shower. I traced the outside of a plate onto a thick piece of cardboard from a diaper box. You will need to repeat that step, then glue the pieces together. It is for a baby boy and I found a scrapbook page that was black with white writing, specifically the definitions of what a boy is, I found it perfect for this project! When attaching the paper to the circle be very careful when you tuck it behind. I found that cutting it into strips a little was very helpful it make the paper look very smooth. After that I covered it in Mod Podge (that stuff is amazing!!) I let it dry for about 3 hours, then I hot glued the clothespins with the opening facing out, so they can hold a picture or invite or greeting card! Hot glue ribbon to the back so it can hang and you're done! You can make these with any colors you want to customize for your home!


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