June 21, 2011

Revamped Tray

In blog world Chevron is everywhere! I actually love the pattern too, what can I say it's too cute to pass up. I have had this tray for almost 10 years! I have used it for many things around the house and actually keep it out at all times of the year.

I decided to give it a new chevron pattern. So I spray painted white primer over all the red.

Then I sprayed it Robins Nest blue. Then I decided to do something different, I wanted it to be simple. So I just used some painters tape and made my own design with it. Not that I still don't love the chevron pattern I just didn't want it  for this tray, maybe a rug soon!

Here is the finished product I love the way it came out!!!

 Thanks for stopping by, hope your weekend was fabulous!

Mrs. J


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