January 30, 2011

Happy One Year to My Husband!

Without You
There is No Me
by Carmelo  

Come and take my hand and never let go
Lets both hold on until time stops
And let our love forever shine, let it show
Until the stars, clouds and sky drops

You and only you could tame my soul
With the first smile that you gave me
That first glance made me whole
It was all I need to set my pride free

That moment my heart was yours forever
And it has always been beating for you
It will be until the very ends of forever and ever
With the flame you started, burning so true

My life’s never been the same without you
And I’ve lived with your love always inside me
It gave me strength and pulled me through
Your love opened my eyes it made me see

Without you, there is no me

Every word of this is so true. I love you so much and don't know what I would do without you! Thank you for being the best husband ever :)

Mrs. J

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