January 11, 2011

Busy Days

I lost my camera this weekend but now it's Tuesday and I have found it! Sadly that means I missed out on the food we had. We had homemade pizza, de-cluttered our living room and kitchen, and played outside with Baby C. He loves loves being outside! Has mastered standing on his own and pulling himself up. He can also fall without needing to be "rescued." T and I had a a great time making our own pizzas. T, being a typical male wanted meat only, he had chicken, ground beef, and pepperoni on his, he loooved it! And asked this be more than once a month. I however made something much more to my liking, I had chicken, broccoli, spinach, and sliced portabello, omg it was amazing! I also made this amazing white sauce. It was kind of thick, I may have used too much Parmesan cheese, it's okay though I wouldn't change it at all.   We live in a small duplex and our living room area is very small and long, making it hard to sit with more than two people comfortably. We changed somethings around and now there is soooo much more room! I am so happy now baby J can can move around and not knock down all my books. I promise the week will include more photos and ribs! My hubby's fav :)

Mrs. J

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