February 6, 2013

Fresh produce is the best fast food!

Ok so let's be honest 2012 was a fail for me in the blogging world! I just haven't had the time. I am working with a friend and plan on making some big changes on here. My goal is to be more food oriented. I want to help those that need an extra boost in the kitchen. Becoming a mother changes you in so many ways, you're always looking for ways to keep your baby healthy. It is very unsettling to me at the amount of mothers who regularly have their child eat out because they don't know how to throw together a quick meal. Fresh fruit and veggies can be fast food too!! You just have to learn to try new things.

I once saw a comment on Facebook from a girl who said she would never try a blood orange, because it has the word blood in it. I was so flabbergasted by this comment, knowing she is a mother I would expect her to be on board with anything fresh for her child. Then once she was educated in what it actually was she said she might try it.

Basically is what I'm saying is never be afraid to try a fruit or veggie because it could be something delicious! Also never tell your kiddo it's gross because you are the parent and that will say the same. Instead let them form their own opinion. Another thing that really drives me crazy is parents buying jarred baby food! Why why why?! It's looks gross, it's flavorless, if you wouldn't eat it then don't give it to your baby!!

Ahhh, ok off my soapbox but really it's simple y'all! I am no perfect parent nor do I pretend to be. My kid has eaten it before but too many make it a habit. Let's make a better life for our children through food. Remember they are our future!! Ps. I'm sure I will get some negative nancy comments about how there is nothing wrong with fast food and jarred baby food and you know what? You just keep thinking that :) Can not wait to get back to blogging this year guys!! I've missed you much!!!

Mrs. J

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