October 21, 2012

Can I have a do over?

So it has been almost seven months since my last post. I am so ashamed. I have actually taking so many pictures in the last seven months and created and made some awesome new things. I honestly have not had more than a few minutes to sit and write my blog. I have tried to make time but it seemed impossible. Well I am tired of not writing and I want to get back at it. I love writing and I love creating new dishes. So while this has been a blog all over the place it will remain that but now food will make the majority of posts. I will keep up with some diy projects but mostly food. I have started working for the Farmer's Market for Chef Roy. I am so anxious and excited for this new opportunity. We are at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market in Houston. I am so overly happy to work with a chef and learn the ends and outs of the organic market. I want to experience all the fresh produce. What's even better is the vegan bread. Meat that is organic also. I am so in awe of all the variations I have seen so far. At our both we specifically sale kale. We have this amazing kale salad. We have a poached egg over kale salad with sticks of grilled to perfection toast. I enjoyed this for breakfast today. Let me tell you what it was incredible! I am not a big eggs over easy person so I was not sure how I would feel about the poached egg but OMG it was the best thing ever!! The smooth silky yolk ran over the kale and gave it this extra dressing and the toast dipped in the yolk..Heavenly!! My mouth was very pleased. We also sell a Croquet Mousier but more on that next week since I have not tried it yet. I look forward to reconnecting to everyone who follows my blog and I am ready to show you guys my new experiences.

Poached Eggs over Kale with Toast Sticks....OMG Amazing!!!

Our Green Eggs with the Kale Salad

Kale Salad with Chef Roy's Vinegrette and Roasted Nuts
Mrs. J

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