March 16, 2012

Houston Zoo Free Day

I love free day at the zoo. If you get there right at 1:45pm you will be ready for the small line at 2pm which is when the doors officially open for free to the public. Some people really complain about there being too large of a crowd but I have never felt cramped by any means and I bring the stroller. Baby J loves the zoo.. not! He hates I don't understand why. He has no interest in any animals unless it's the petting zoo. We have been going since he was a tiny little thing, he would rather push his stroller blindly around the park, causing quite a ruckus. He never takes the easy route always the opposite direction of the traffic flow. Today at the petting zoo there was a goat who was laying in the hay and poor Baby J just didn't want him in there, he tried to pull him twice. Here on some photos from that:

Mrs. J

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