July 31, 2013

Fun in the Kitchen

So working on a "fancy food truck" I get exposed to all kinds of new and exciting flavors. The Ladybird Food truck post coming soon :) anywho I work for an awesome chef who is not afraid to try crazy flavor combinations. I recreated a dish we have on the food truck and I had extra ingredients left over so I wanted to use them. I made a sweet potato hash, drizzled with Ungai sauce(Japanese BBQ eel sauce), sautéed spinach, then I put a swirl of kewpie mayo, and topped it with a fried egg, and finally to finished it off with sprinkled Bonita flakes(tuna flakes). Wow! The flavors of this dish were amazing! I'm sure reading the above description, you are thinking what are these things? You can find these ingredients at any Asian grocery store. I would have never imagine putting these things together but when that one perfect bite hits your mouth, you know you made the right choices. Combining new flavors is all about balancing things out. Don't be afraid to try something you've never had because it could be something you are missing out on. I love taking risks in the kitchen, it's just about having fun. Sometimes things don't go as planned but that's the best part about experimenting. 

Mrs. J

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