February 4, 2012

Homemade Glitter Peep-Toe

I had seen many diy pairs of glitter heels on Pinterest, so if you think you are the one who started it please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Okay! So, for New Years Eve I wanted super sparkly shoes, what girl doesn't? Instead I ended up with a sparkly dress. I found a pair of gold peep toe heels from the thrift store, only nine dollars!! I had previously made a small batch of homemade modge podge. That stuff is amazing. I will post soon how to make that as well. I bought a 12-pack of glitter from wal-mart and previously I had picked up some thicker glitter (read that as not the fine sandy stuff). There is honestly no real measurement. I think I ended up doing about six coats! I let them dry a day in between each coat. I probably could have done less but because I choose such a light pink glitter and iridescent I went a little heavy. If you think you have too much glitter you probably need a little more. I absolutely love the way they came out. The gold under the glitter looks awesome.

Ok so basically you use 4 parts Modge Podge to 1 part glitter. You can choose as many different colors as you want, I think I used 3: gold, pink, and iridescent. Add more glitter as needed same for modge podge, you want kind of a chunky paint so it will stick better. I let them dry for a day or so between each coat. You can probably do it faster but I wanted to make sure I covered all the original on the outside. I could clean up the border a bit but when you are walking not many will notice. They turned out gorgeous! I can not wait to wear them this spring.

Mrs. J

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