January 27, 2012

Marriage isn't always a sham :)

I know last time I blogged I said I was going to hop back on the wagon but let me tell you, I have been busy!! Life just doesn't slow down for anything or anyone. I have been going to school 5 days a week. That's a lot more than last semester. I am truly loving it. In 3 days my husband and I are celebrating two years of wedded bliss! That's longer than most couples last in Hollywood. It is such a shame what marriage has become in our current times. I mean obviously no one takes their vows seriously anymore. I plan to stand next to my husband through the good, bad, and ugly! It is easy to just give up but it is hard to continue a marriage and be strong for one another. Marriage is not just about love. It's about so much more than that. Sure we have had some trying times but every experience is a learning one and I honestly wouldn't want to share that with any other individual other than my husband! He is my rock. Did you know that in Mexico they have passed a law where after you have been married for two years, your license expires? So you can either renew it or just walk away. How mind boggling is this? If you are unsure of marrying someone then don't do it! Often time young couples let puppy love cloud their judgement, they don't think logically, and they are still growing as a person. This are all aspects one must consider before marriage. OK sorry I am kind of ranting but it really peeves me how our country has let marriage become. I have to go to class but I VOW to you, my readers, I will start blogging at least once a week for the remainder of this year! I have so many viewers still and I appreciate you all! Leave a comment about your views of marriage. Have an awesome weekend!

Mrs. J

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