October 30, 2011

DIY Crayons

So I was browsing cute birthday parties on the ever addicting pinterest and came across homemade crayons. They are everywhere. I had a brand new pack and thought why not I have everything I need. So while I waited for dinner to cook in the crockpot I melted crayons in the oven. Peeling crayons is not the easiest task and I have a few wounds from it. At first I just tried to peel them off an that was a no go. Next I thought what could cut or easily so I used the exacto knife. This is why I have wounds, lol. Be very careful when slicing the wrapper!! Do this all at one time. I used one box of 24. After I peeled them all I broke them in pieces and separated by colors. I made 14 heart shaped new crayons. Preset your oven to 400 degrees then turn it off. Place mold into oven after it is turned off. About 15 minutes later remove them from oven and let cool. Once harden pop them out and let your kiddo color away!

ps. this was my first post from the iPhone so hopefully everything looks okay.

Mrs. J

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