September 7, 2011

Jewelry Box Revamp

So a few months ago I stopped at the local thrift store and found a nice jewelry box, but it was missing a drawer. The felt on the inside was practically brand new, the music still plays when you pull out the bottom drawer and all in all it was in great condition, minus the missing drawer. When I saw it I knew immediately that I wanted to paint it of course! I picked it up for a measly three bucks!! Super steal! When I brought it home I just let it sit around until I had a plan. Something about it was just screaming making me girly and that's what I did! I painted it a light pink with acrylic paint. popped of the old pulls. Hot glued some pearls for new knobs and came up with a cute girly jewelry box. Truth be told I don't even have enough jewelry to put in it, what I have I wear daily, so I decided to making it a charging station for my cell phone. I carved a tiny whole for the charger to fit and it worked perfectly! I also added some cutesy little stickers. It turned out far better than I could have hoped for. When you see random items think about painting them to make them better, it almost always works out for the best and you can change it match your personalities.

Mrs. J

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